Take to the seas in Black Desert Online’s massive naval expansion, Margoria.

Take to the Seas in Black Desert Online

Starting today, Black Desert Online’s massive naval expansion, titled Margoria is officially live. The big attraction being the all-new fully explorable ocean that players can take to on their own custom built sailing ships, or if you have a crew, you can construct a galley to take part in large-scale naval skirmishes. The Margoria expansion was initially teased and shown off back at Gamescom 2016, and it has been a long six months to get it out to the fans.

Here’s a feature list for Margoria per an official Press Release:

  • Guild-vs-guild naval combat – Guard your wealth and trade routes by defeating rival guilds in fierce ship-to-ship combat
  • Ship construction – Build your private sailing ship or work with your guild to build powerful galleys that are packed with firepower
  • New harbors and ocean – Establish lucrative trade routes as the trading system expands to the open seas
  • Underwater monster hunting – Take down the terrifying sea monsters that live in the depths of the Margoria ocean and earn legendary loot
  • Enhanced life skills – Reel in new species of fish in the Margoria ocean and gather other ingredients to improve your cooking skills
  • Over 100 new quests – Meet new characters and continue on your grand adventure

Black Desert Online’s Margoria Expansion is available now for free to all players.

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