In case you haven’t heard about No Man’s Sky or simply don’t know enough about it IGN has released an uninterrupted gameplay video for the game.

There are a few new things that we’ve never seen gameplay footage of before, including:

-The five levels that make up the wanted system, and how to get rid of your wanted levels.
-How the game tracks your discoveries, as well as rewards you for discoveries.
-Planets have moons.
-Ships and weapons are also procedurally generated.
-You have a jetpack.
-How you can landscape your environment.
-What the consequences of dying are.
-Crystals, and why they’re a good resource early on.
-What it looks like to kill enemies/creatures.
-How you customize your weapons.
-What happens when your ship is destroyed.

Plus other stuff! If you’re at all interested in the game, give it a watch.

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