Sorry Valve fans, you’re gonna have to wait a little longer…

Left 4 Dead 3 is NOT confirmed

There are a couple of rumors going around the net right now concerning the rumor that “Left 4 Dead 3”, the long awaited sequel of Valve’s Cooperative Survival, zombie shooter FPS series, has been confirmed.

It has not. Sorry internet!

The rumor was originally started by a fluff piece speculating the chances of the game being released back in May on: : source 
Article title: “Left 4 Dead 3: A Very Real Possibility?

This fluff piece was then expanded upon (badly) by (source) in June.
Article title: “Left 4 Dead 3 May be Worked on, Developer of the Game Still Unknown!” (Note the word “May”, this denotes speculation).

A equally disreputable site named (possibly a sister company) then took this article and turned speculation into a unofficial confirmation of the release of the game back in August 2015. (source)
Article title: “‘Left 4 Dead 3’ is Definitely Going to Happen Because of Valve’s Focus on Multiplayer Games
(“Definitely” it not a good word to use when you have no facts in our opinion)

Its only since December that other sites (notably the Sunday Express, decided to write absolute garbage about Left 4 Dead 3 being officially confirmed based upon these pointless articles. (source)
Article Title: “Left 4 Dead 3: Half-Life 3 delayed with Valve working on zombie prequel?
(The title seems to assume that Left 4 Dead is actively being developed, which hasn’t been confirmed).

So again, before this goes any further, anything you read concerning Left 4 Dead 3 being announced is just a rumor… and you probably should visit more reputable sites in future when looking for gaming news.

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