Learn how to change your NAT type on PS3 or PS4

How to Change Your NAT Type on PS4 and PS3

Sometimes when you are playing online, you might find that you are often disconnected from your online gaming sessions on the PS4 and PS3, or that your ping is too high. One way to try and solve this issue is to change your NAT type (network address translation) for the PS4 or PS3, and you should notice a significant improvement in your online gaming.

  • NAT Type 1 (Open) – You are either NOT behind a router/firewall OR you have already DMZ enabled. You shouldn’t run into any issues whilst gaming, but this may cause security issues.
  • NAT Type 2 (Moderate) –Your PS3/PS4 is connected properly and you shouldn’t run into any issues.
  • NAT Type 3 (Strict) – You may be able to connect to the PSN and perform downloads/updates other functions may not work as intended.

How to find out your NAT Type

To find out your PS3s NAT type go to:

Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Test

You’ll be disconnected from the PSN while you do the test. You will also need to know the MAC address for you console which you can find in the system information section.

To find out your PS4s NAT type go to

Settings > Network > Internet Connection Status

It should list the NAT type at the bottom.

How to change your NAT Type

Here’s a quick guide to get you on your way with changing the NAT type:

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is to find out how to connect to your router, this address is normally something like, or Once you type that into your web browser, you will have to put in your administrator login and password and get into the router. This information should be either on the bottom of the router itself, or in the manual that came with the router.
  2. Enable UPnP function on your router.
  3. There are two ways to do this now. Either set a static IP address for you console, and assign it to the DMZ (demilitarized zone, not recommended), or open up some ports and assign it to the console. The rest of this guide will advise you which ports need opening up. DO NOT SET DMZ FOR THE ENTIRE ROUTER AS THIS IS EXTREMELY INSECURE.
  4. The way you forward ports will vary from router to router, but you should be able to find a guide on Google for your specific router.
  5. You need to open up the following ports in both directions TCP & UDP:
    • 80
    • 443
    • 465
    • 983
    • 3478-3480
    • 3658
    • 5223
    • 6000-7000
    • 9293
    • 10070-10080
  6. These are all ports that you need to open for Sony’s first party systems (such as voice chat, PSN, remote play etc.) and games, and should, once rebooting your console, allow you to have NAT Type 2, which is what you’re looking for.
  7. Other games will have additional ports that need to be forwarded, but these are based on each game. The developers will probably post details whenever a game is released on their community forums.

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