Darksiders 2 finally has a release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The upgraded Deathinitive Edition of the game hits the two consoles on…

What starts with War, ends with Death.

Darksiders II was a seriously under-rated game of the not so distant past. Darksiders II was an open world platformer/hack n slash with a fantastic art style, great voice-acting, atmosphere and story. In essence it took the ‘Zelda’ formula and added less tedium, more loot, RPG elements such as level ups, and a superior combat system.

But the question then arises why did it fail so badly? And the truth is that it was a stupidly high budget game, reportedly with a budget of $50,000,000 and, after going live, breaking even seemed an impossibility and THQ, it’s publisher, filed for bankruptcy soon after literally ruining the chances of the game being marketed enough to grab the attention of the masses.

But all is not lost. Gunfire Games is giving this honorable title a last hurrah and then some by offering a perfected version of the game for PS4 and Xbox One.

They call it: Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition and released on Oct. 27 for $29.99.

It’s a massive overhaul, and it shows in these comparison screenshots.

Deathinitive Edition Features:

  • Darksiders 2 with All DLCs* included and integrated into the game, offering a total playtime of more than 30 hours
    *(Maker Armor Set, The Abyssal Forge, The Demon Lord Belial, Death Rides, Angel of Death, Deadly Despair, Shadow of Death, Mortis Pack, Rusanov’s Axe, Van Der Schmash Hammer, Fletcher’s Crow Hammer, Mace Maximus, Argul’s Tomb).
  • Improved Graphic Render Engine for higher visual quality especially in terms of lighting and shadows.
  • Improved and reworked level, character and environment graphics.
  • Running in native 1080p resolution.
  • Reworked and tuned game balancing and loot distribution.

Here’s hoping this time round Darksiders II will get the recognition it deserves.

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