The Fortnite Meteor is incoming!

In addition to foreboding meteor overlooking Fortnites battle royale players will now find that small comets also fill the sky above them as they battle for supremacy over the map.

We speculate this can only mean one thing… more than just tilted towers is going to change.
Pictures are already making the rounds around social media speculating that titled towers will be replaced by a new locale “Crispy Crater”. No doubt players would likely avoid this place as if there’s one thing a crater would provide it would plenty of open ground unless we can hope to find some tactically placed ruins of the old tower within.

Epic has yet to announce future changes within the Battle Royale arena but over here at GG we simply can’t wait for the game to be shaken up that little bit more.

Until then we are left wondering. Will we mourn the mourn to the demise of Tilted towers? Or will we rush to plant our port-a-forts in the center of the crater. Time will tell!

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