Nex Machina – First Impressions

After only a couple hours in Nex Machina we can already tell it is one of 2017’s best classic arcade games.

Upon starting the game you are dropped straight into the action, the plot quickly unraveling before you as your blast through hundreds of robot enemies while attempting to save the helpless remains of humanity.

The gameplay is action-packed and fast paced and there is hardly a moment to take in the gorgeously rendered environments as you clear stage after stage of relentless enemies dying in a range of fantastic explosions of pixels and lights. Even death provides a short respite as respawning takes a matter of seconds and forces you straight back into the action at the beginning of the level where you can only hope you learn to avoid what went wrong in your last try.

There is no hand-holding in Nex Machina and the difficulty of the game continuously ramps up with each stage, and the game’s bosses provide you with a chance to test your skills at the end of each level. In order to beat them you will need to learn their patterns, dodge instant death at all times and accurately blast them to bits while always being aware of your surroundings. You will undoubtedly die, but you will get better and eventually succeed. The feelings of relief and achievement that come with defeating a boss are like those found in the Dark Souls series and you will notice your skills raise dramatically after your first playthrough and feel the need to ramp up the difficulty.

While power ups and temporary buffs you pick up while killing enemies will help you, you will need to learn to be able to survive with the bare basics if you truly mean to truly master Nex Machina.

If we’ve piqued your interest, you can purchase Nex Machina over at

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